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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 7, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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making news in america this morning. >> round two. expect air delays nationwide, as another snowstorm slams the northeast. on alert. mail bombs ignite in maryland. could there be more? and the biggest travel hub braces after a new warning. and after a paralyzing injury, a star football star shows astonishing determination. good morning, everyone. i'm mike marusarz, in for rob nelson. >> and i'm vinita nair. it seems just as things were almost getting back to normal, the northeast is bracing for a new round of snow. >> new york city is take nothing chances this time. the tire chains are on. and the plows and road salt are
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ready. city officials are desperate to avoid the mess that follows the december blizzard. the garbage right after the christmas storm still lines the blocks. >> airlines have been cancels flights. american, united, continental, airtran, southwest and jetblue are allowing passengers to change flights without fees. the winter watches and warnings have been posted. >> where is the snow going? ava dinges joins us with the answers. good morning, ava. >> vinita and mike, snow is returning to the northeast. the last thing people want to hear. but this is nothing compared to what we faced after christmas. that is beginning after the morning commute. new york city itself could see four inches. philadelphia, only about an inch. heaviest of the snow will be upstate new york, where they could see upwards of nine inches of snow. looming next week, the potential for a heavy snowstorm.
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we'll keep you up to date. back to you, vinita and mike. >> thanks, ava. and sam champion will have the latest forecast, later on "good morning america." mail rooms at all maryland state agencies are shut down today, after dangerous packages were sent to state office buildings. one went to the governor. the other to the department of transportation, 25 miles away. hundreds of people were evacuated. the packages triggered a small chemical reaction when they were opened. one contained a message, about highway science. officials in other states are taking it seriously. >> the concern, tonight, is about copycats. these devices are very similar in design, to some package bombs that were sent to embassies in greece and rome. the question tonight, are there more coming? is this a trend? they do work and they are dangerous. >> and our senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, will have all of the latest details, coming up on "good
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morning america." another city is on alert this morning in london. more police officers are on duty and security has been heightened at transportation hubs on word that terrorists could be planning to attack. there are reports that emergency services were recently briefed on how to respond to a mumbai-style attack. but the country's overalterer threat level has not been raised. president obama fills out more of his new economic team today, by tapping another clinton administration adviser. his concentration on the economy comes as new numbers are released. for details, we're joined by emily schmidt. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. more holiday spending. fewer people applying for first-time unemployment benefits. today, we have the next big test. there is hope today that 2011 is off to a good economic start, as december job numbers are positive. >> we're going to see this year, be a year of rebounding, maybe
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even better than what we've anticipated. i think good things lie ahead. >> reporter: the labor department releases the latest unemployment numbers this morning. and they are expected to show the nation gained 145,000 jobs last month. and the unemployment rate dropped from 9.8% to 9.7%. president obama is scheduled to talk about the numbers while touring a small business in maryland today. while there, mr. obama will also announced he's picked gene sperling from the treasury department to head his national economic council. that's after naming william daley as chief of staff yesterday. daley has deep democratic roots but ties to wall street. and led its selection to get good reviews from the united states chamber of commerce. >> i would say to progressives and people in the democratic base, that think somehow bill daley is another sop to the business community, don't worry too much. >> reporter: capitol hill will also take a look at the economy today.
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federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is scheduled to testify about his view of economic recovery. and certainly any drop in the unemployment rate would be welcome. but chairman bernanke has said it could take years to drop from where the numbers are now, from just under 10% at a more healthy rate at 5.5%. mike? >> emily schmidt, in washington. thank you. the battle to repeal health care reform legislation is under way. house republicans held a first meeting on a measure they call, repealing the job-killing health care act. the house is likely to vote on it next week. but it's likely to be blocked in the senate. day two of the republicans' new leadership in the house included a reading of the constitution, from beginning to end. speaker john boehner red the preamble. nancy pelosi went next. all went well, until a new jersey congressman read the section on requirements for the presidency.
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>> no person, except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the united states, at the time of the adoption of the constitution, shall be eligible to be in the office of president. you need to show -- >> except obama. except obama. >> that woman shouting from the visitors' gallery was described as a birther. she was removed and arrested. there was also an interruption during the health care hearing. it was adjourned so two republican congressmen could be sworn in. it turns in pete sessions of texas and mike fitzpatrick had missed the official swearing-in on wednesday. they tried to take the oath in front of a tv in front of the capitol visitors' center. but it didn't count. and now, for this morning's weather from around the nation. aside from the northeast storm we told you about, look out for about six inches of snow in the mountains of west virginia, tennessee and north georgia. up to a foot of lake-effect snow from michigan to inn. a dusting around the twin cities, chicago, detroit and
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cleveland. and rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >> 48 in seattle. 38 in salt lake city. 64 in phoenix. fargo and minneapolis don't even hit the teens. 21 in chicago. and 31 in omaha. a snowy 38 here in new york. 60s in miami, new orleans and dallas. and still ahead, the insurance giant, raising rates by nearly 60%. plus, the coolest gadgets for the whole family as the consumer electronics show in las vegas. and science weighs in on what a woman's tears do to a guy's libido. ñ
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the december jobs report will be the main event on wall street today. economists predict businesses added about 145,000 workers last month. overseas, markets are mixed ahead of the report. tokyo's nikkei average rose 0.1% today. hong kong's hang seng fell 0.4%. in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, the dow fell 26 points. and the nasdaq added 28 points. christmas was as not as fair as retailers hoped it would be. the deals were too good in november. it was still the best holiday shopping season since 2006. facebook founder mark zuckerberg says he is in no rush to go public. but the time may soon be right. it sets the stage for an ipo
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next year. under s.e.c. rules, if the social network does not go public by then, it would have to disclose financial information. southwest airlines is changing its freeblgt flyer program. it rewards high-spending customers. passengers will receive points based on price paid and not the number of trips taken. there will be no blackout dates. and points never expire. the consumer electronics show is in full swing in las vegas. tablets and 3d tvs seem to be grabbing all of the headlines. but there's so much more on display. kabc's rick romero shows cool, new gadgets for the entire family. >> how about a floor cleaner that sweeps and mops automatically. the cleaner uses the norstar navigation system to do its thing. this app is available for the whole family. >> it helps young families share
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their location. >> reporter: another device can manage your fatigue. the fatigue science ready band. >> this is a sleep monitor. you can use it for to see how well you sleep at night. like new moms or even the babies. see how well they're sleeping. >> reporter: health tech is an important part of the show. and united health group has a hula hoop challenge, using the x-box and kinect video games to get viewers in shape. are you tired of using thumbs. now, these are minicube computers. you get three of them. you manipulate them just like this, to play games or learn things. >> that's using our thumbs is too much work. >> really. coming up next on this friday morning, just three months after a life-altering injury, a football star shares his determination for the first time. and america's newest millionaires on what they will do with the 190 million bucks. [ female announcer ] does your hair color feel as healthy as it looks?
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now, for a look at your morning road conditions. snow on i-95, from new york to maine. and on i-90, from buffalo to boston. icy on i-94. also on i-90 in the midwest. wet on i-5, from the pacific northwest. and on i-84, from portland to boise. >> if you're flying today, expect airport delays in seattle, los angeles, boston, new york, philadelphia and charlotte. tens of thousands of people in california are bracing for their third health insurance rate hike since october. blue shield plans to increase rates by up to 59% as of march 1st. california's insurance commissioner is trying to push back against the hike. but as in many states, he has no authority to stop them. and in arizona, a second person has died after being denied medical coverage for a transplant. nearly 100 other eligible patients, like tiffany tate, were put on hold when a budget
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cut took away transplant funding. some state lawmakers are fighting to restore the medicaid coverage. there's a new study that shows shedding tears may not be the way to go to get your way. researchers say men can actually smell the chemicals in tears. and they can literally be turned off. teefrs sadness may temporarily lower a man's testosterone levels. the rutgers university football player that was paralyzed in october, said bluntly, i will walk again. eric legrand was injured in a game against army. in an exclusive interview with espn, legrand is confident he will continue to improve. >> i believe that i will walk one day. i believe it. god has a plan for me. and i know it's not to be sitting here all the time. i know he has something planned bigger for me. >> legrand admits fearing death
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when he was laying on the field after being injured. you can see the entire interview with eric legrand, on espn's "sportscenter" at 9:00 a.m. eastern. the nfl playoffs get under way tomorrow. as for last night's sports highlights, here's will selva from espn news. >> good morning. one bowl game on tap, thursday night. bowl, featuring middle tennessee state and miami of ohio. dwight dasher, picked off by nunnal nunnally. and he wants more. like six points. and nunnally finally gets into the red zone. redhawks take a 21-14 lead. fourth quarter, score tied at 21-21. boucher, to chris givens. takes miami to o the 28-21 lead. final seconds in the game.
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lachey, nick armwell. miami of ohio goes on to win. hoops. mavericks hosting the suns. dirk nowitzki without with a sprained knee. shawn marion, the matrix. 21 of his 25 game in the first half. later in the quarter, thunder up nine. durant with the steal. and then, the finish. he had 28 points. thunder end up winning it, 99-95. to the ice. tuukka rask and the bruins hosting the wild. second period, game tied at 1-1. rask, makes a beautiful save, denying martin havlat. game still tied at 1-1. early third, clutterbuck intercepts it. and he will score. savard clears it away right in the stick of clutterbuck. 12th for him. wild end up winning 3-1. that will do it for this
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espn news update. now, back to new york. a washington state man is still in a state of shock, as he enjoys one of the biggest paydays ever. >> jim mccullar stepped forward to claim his part of the staggering $380 million megamillions jackpot. diana alvear has the details. >> reporter: mike and vinita, good morning. i bought $12 worth of megamillions tickets. and i won, hmm, nothing. even using the birth days of my loved ones. the problem is, i should have used the birth days of the mccullars, who are now megarich, thanks to the megamillions. you'd have to forgive the mccullars for pinching themselves. it's not every day you find out you're holding a winning megamillions ticket, for the second-largest jackpot ever. >> i said look at this. and look at that.
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>> reporter: the couple was asked if they will continue working. >> no. >> reporter: jim mccullar has been a blessed man for most of his life. married to his sweetheart for 41 years. father of six. grandfather of more than 20. so, what will they do with their winnings? the mccullars say they plan to help their family and donate to charity. and the good news just keeps on rolling in for the mccullars. there's no state tax in washington. that means that after federal taxes, if they choose to take the one-time lump sum payment, they're going to be walking away with 90 million big ones. not bad. vinita? mike? >> move to washington and win the lottery. it's all good. >> after the other winning ticket, it was sold 125 miles away in post falls, idaho. >> that lucky winner's identity, still a mystery. coming up next, bracing for the day's new round of snow in
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manufacturing plant in maryland. the fbi and homeland security are working with maryland investigators to find out who sent two, small, mail bombs to state office buildings. security officials across can country are on the lookout for copycats. there's a heavy police presence across london, especially at transportation hubs. british intelligence officials have reported to pick up on shatter, suggesting a terror attack might be in the works. and oil-eating bacteria used to clean up last year's oil spill in the gulf. the journal of "science," says the bacteria did a good job of consuming lots of the methane that gushed into the water, along with the oil. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, the late-night comics on the new session of congress. >> always a good way to start the friday. [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life!
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finally this morning, the spotlight is on the latest crop of politicians, as a new congress session got under way this week. >> but as lawmakers take their
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places, the late-night comedians are making it clear that it is open season on capitol hill. >> to honor the founding fathers, they decided to start things off by reading the entire constitution aloud. they took turns, the congressmen, each reading a part of the constitution. then, there was a break for lunch and a slave auction. and then -- >> the category couldn't be more perfect. little-known facts about john boehner. number ten, his biggest corporate donor, kleenex. crayola named an orange crayon after him, burnt boehner. number eight, he, too, prefers to be called madam speaker. >> a stretched forehead. and a an eyebrow lift. and the whole thing -- you have to give john boehner credit. tough upbringing. 1 of 12 children. he always said, if you don't
4:29 am
succeed, cry, cry again. >> here's a look at the difference between boehner's new gavel and the one pelosi used. i guess his first order of business is smashing watermelons. >> the new congress adopted a rule. and for the first time for members, while they're there to use electronic devices on the floor of the house. some texting going on. we've got one guy listening -- another guy's got a boombox there. computer. the important thing is, they're keeping themselves busy. >> so funny to see all them. coming up later on "good morning america," seattle's superherontes. vigilantes. patrolling the streets dressed as caped crusaders. are they helping police or getting in the way? >> interesting costumes. and interesting ideas behind what's going on there. that's what's making news in america this morning.


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